CR Spices Trading Co.,

We believe the most trusted guardian for your beauty woes: Mother Nature herself

CR Spices Trading has a long history spanning for over 30 years. Which has a rich history and a spicy story to be told since 1984. CR Spices Trading is located in Embilipitiya, Kollonna a tradition Sri Lankan village away from the urban population. The spices are grown and process in the company itself which make the quality of the product high. CR Spices believes the spices have the power to change the health and the wellbeing of the consumer. This is why CR Spices holds the GMP Qualification certification and Bio Organic Certification.

We have joined hands with more than 2000 farms from four villages to get the best and 100% pure citronella oil. The oil which is collected from these farmers are processed in four different factories that is why our products are 100% guaranteed to be pure.


To be the best essential oil and spices supplier in Sri Lanka


Our mission is to create an economically develop AGRO villages by providing the best essential oil and spices to our clients.

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Our production operates with 4 Manufacturing Plants.

We believe nature has solutions

Our rich history has always provided solution using herds and spices to illness and beauty. At CR we believe in this that is why our products are 100% natural and organic.

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